Who We Are

Our Story

ING MidWest was founded in 2017 and reached over 4000 audience members. It is a non-profit educational organization serving Michigan and Northern Ohio. ING MidWest offers resources and complementary presentations relating to Muslim and Islam to local institutions. It is an affiliate of the Islamic Networks Group (ING), a national organization pursuing peace and countering all forms of bigotry, through education and interfaith engagement. Achieving Peace by Promoting Religious Literacy and Cultural Sensitivity.

Board Members

Meet Core Team Behind ING MidWest



Dr. Fadia Abaza

Amin Varis



Outreach Coordinator

Ghazal Almradi, MS, CGC

Roze Photo,


Roze Kadri

Our Vision

The vision of ING-Midwest is for strong and continued interfaith dialogue and cooperation within our multicultural and diverse society in order to foster mutual understanding and respect among people of all backgrounds for the betterment of society.

Our Mission

The mission of ING is to foster peace by promoting religious understanding and cultural sensitivity through education and resource sharing by providing free presentations, cultural diversity training, expert panels, and professional development workshops within the context of First Amendment, non-devotional guidelines.

Our Objectives

-Present Accurate information about Islamic beliefs and practices. Provide information about

-Foster a positive relationship between public institutions and the Muslim community.

                      -Muslims that is tailored to the specific needs of the audience.

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