Roze Kadri

Roze Kadri obtained Master Degrees in Public Administration and Biology from the
Wayne State University with a Bachelor Degree in Zoology from the University of
Michigan. She has also taken many graduate courses related to Islam and Muslims.
Roze has worked as a health care administrator for over 15 years (research, practice
management, and quality) and has taught college Biology courses for many years, as
well. Roze has extensive volunteer experience, serving on many Muslim organization
boards and most recently volunteering with Syrian refugees.
Roze believes that it is important to interact and familiarize our non-Muslim society
about who and what Muslims are so as to establish a positive foundation for their
subsequent dealings with American Muslims. The starting point will be shifted away
from distrust and uncertainty to understanding, acceptance, and trust. Roze is the
mother of 4 children and lives in Livonia Michigan. In her free time, she enjoys reading,
exercising, and traveling.

Roze Kadri
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