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Building a Comfort ZoneThe World in the Classroom

Basic Beliefs and Practices of IslamGeography: Maps and the Name GameHistorical Issues in Teaching about Islam

Contemporary Hot-Button IssuesElementary Classroom ActivitiesIslam in the MediaSeven Centuries of Islamic Spain in EuropeThe Indian Ocean in World History

The Story of Classical Knowledge and Its Transfer to EuropeAcross the Eras into Your Shopping Cart: global cash crops and world historyTeaching through the Prism of Travel AccountsImages of the Orient: Nineteenth Century European Travelers to Muslim LandsFabulous and Familiar Fabrics: Calico, Bandanas, Jeans, Khaki and CashmerePaper Trail: Transfer of Paper-making Technology and Its ImpactArts of the Renaissance: Islamic Influence in Ceramics, Carpets, Glass, and Metalwork

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