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 Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.

We are looking for driven, motivated people to join our ever-growing team speakers! Yes, we are a Speakers Bureau, and we are looking for a variety of skills and talents. Are you good with public speaking, grant writing, networking, photography, graphic, website? Let us Talk

Become a speaker

ING MidWest Islamic Speakers Bureau-ISB provides education about American Muslims and their faith as a means of clarifying misconceptions, promoting mutual respect and understanding among diverse audiences. ING Midwest (ISB) defines Muslims and Islam, rather than allowing others to define them. We are looking for speakers who can speak to middle and high schools, universities, faith-based, government groups, community organizations, and other venues. We are continuously recruiting volunteers to join the Islamic Speakers Bureau-ISB which operates in Michigan, and Northern Ohio. 

Our trained speakers deliver a variety of interactive presentations that have been developed and prepared by ING National and have been peer-reviewed for content and accuracy.  The presentation are colorful and allow for audience Q & A. Some popular topics are as follows:

  • Getting to Know American Muslims and their Faith.
  • Muslim Women Beyond the Stereotypes.
  • A History of Muslims in America.
  • Muslim Contributions to Civilization.

Prospective speakers become certified by ING after a rigorous process of professional development, testing, and observation in a live setting by veteran speakers. Our speakers adhere to strict guidelines which are outlined in ING and the First Amendment Center. These guidelines emphasize adherence to the highest level of academic neutrality and objectivity when teaching about religion.


Certification Process

ING MidWest- SB conducts training and certification workshops for people interested in becoming certified speakers. The ISB certification is a 4 steps process:

Step 1: Speaker Training and Certification Test #1 

The first step to becoming a speaker is to attend a 4-6-hour training which ING holds twice a year, usually on a Saturday. The training covers presentation scripts and answers to frequently asked questions as well as guidelines for speaking in a public forum.

Step 2:  Written Certification Test #2 

You will receive a speaker’s kit, a copy of the presentation script. Read and carefully review it. Arrange for the date of the exam within 3 months from attending the webinar

Note: The Speakers kit is copyrighted by ING and you cannot copy or distribute it.

Step 3: Combination Exam, Test #3

The exam consist of combination of multiple choice questions and short assays describing main points in selected slides, in addition to questions related to current events, including those relevant to main government officials in US, Islamic World, and UN.

This process ,though may seem daunting, has been smoothly implemented with a very high success rate knowing that over 95% of our candidates passing the exams the first time they took it

Step 4: Speaker Agreement 

After passing the exam you will be required to sign ISB speaker agreement  and attend live/online veteran presentation 

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